HOMELESS at Christmas

by Jessica walker ()

My husband went on light duty due to injury at work a couple months ago and im trying to work with a lawyer to get my disability causing us to get behind on our rent we owe 2k I have been giving my landlord 150 to 200 every week to try and get caught up I end up getting one month paid just to end up owing for 2 months again if we could get caught up id be able to pay rent on time we have 3 daughters school age living in home and my husband pays child support for 2 little boys out of home all good respectful talented children ask any of the schools and teachers.  The landlord told us if we cant get 2k by tomorrow he has to file papers to evict us. I don’t even want money they don’t have to contact me they can contact my landlord .  I cant even afford a christmas for my children I use to be very strong willed and pushed my faith and believed good was in the world and now I feel like no good exist anymore.  I don’t care about my sickness my hair is falling out to the point im bald and wearing a beat up wig I haven’t bought anything for myself in 3 years just to make sure my family had everything they need.  Im very devoted to my family it is how I was raised old fashioned by my grandparents and taught my children that as well.  My husband has depression and anxiety and he has admitted that if this continues has said he was putting a bullet in his mouth in his words which scares me cause I finally found the love of my life and the man my daughters call father.  Yet even if he gets help and admits himself he loses his job and he has a good job. All I want for my children is good memories before I leave this world not seeing their mother worried and them scared where they will lay their head when im doing everything in my power to prevent it from happening I pray every night for an angel or a miracle yet I feel myself trying to peel my mustard seed of faith so thin I fear im losing my faith and losing my faith and hope in good people existing anymore, I don’t know what to do I have tried to get help every where even contacted churches from craig county all the way to virginia beach im at a loss on what to do please I beg you as a concerned parent help us or if you know of someone who can please have them contact me I even ask for prayers if that is all I can get help with cause I don’t wish to lose my home ive been putting every dime I get into trying to keep my place and care for my children if you can please contact me at 540-816-0231 mother on her last hope

Jessica walker.

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