by Laura ()

It is 5:07am in the morning….I am in a hotel room all alone…I just bury my child 3 months ago with my last money…. My child die suddenly and he had a insurance policy to pay for his funeral but my sister is godmother was the beneficiary of the policy and refused me to use it…. so I had to pay cash for his funeral and she took the insurance money and bought her a new car…I could no longer afford the apartment where I was living and asked her to come stay with her but I had to give her more Money and so much cursing words inside her house… so two days ago instead of give her more Money I packed all my things and left and find me a decent hotel room…I woke up crying the next morning blaming myself for everything…. but now as I begin to seek for God in Jesus Christ name I feeling better and just know God will make a way for me to Survive…I forgive my Sister and yes I love her but I need to love her from a distance please understand…

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