Home Prayers for Christmas

by Jack (St Louis, MO)

Please pray for me and my family at this time. God gave us his son, but the bank wants us to give them our home. We owe them back payments, and can not catch up. Just when I think I can pull out, the car needs repairs, or my child’s student loan payment is deducted from our bank account or we have had unexpected medical expenses.

We have enough equity that if I could hang on long enough to sell we would be able to somehow keep a roof over our head. If I loose this home to foreclosure, I will be force to have my family live in our car or on the street.
I have no other resources, except prayer.
I have a good job, but things are slow and I have taken a large pay cut for a while. I am way too old to find a new job, and with having 2 surgery this year- it would be difficult.

Please please pray for me to be able to save my home for Christmas. Please pray that we survive here until we can sell it. Please pray that we can go without any other unexpected costs. please pray that we can just hold off the creditors and collectors. Please please pray for me and our home for this Christmas