Home Equity Debt Prayer

Dear Lord,

I come to you today, humble in need of financial help. Lord I took out a loan to help a friend 4 years ago and still have quite a few years left to pay. I believed you wanted me to help my friend and so I did but now my friend is having such a hard time financially, it’s difficult not to feel angry since more and more of the payment is falling to me.

Lord, I know you can do anything and I know that you will help me pay off this loan. Lord, I pray for a financial blessing that will help me and my friend. Lord, I pray for financial prosperity for my friend so that he will be out of debt. Lord, give him an income that will allow him to pay not only his portion to me but his other debts as well. I honor you today and know that if this request is according to your will, then it is done and it is so. Thank you


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