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I moved to a fifty five plus community. My daughter and grandchildren were out of a home and helped me move in. I had no furniture but my bed and a big ottoman. A lady here let me use some extra furniture she had and helped buy some things from a lady who passed away. I went to a weekly bible study in our community room. I thought I had made a friend. My family has three dogs and was here when they came to stay. The manager said they were fine as long as they don’t live here. Sarah seemed to be supportive and the neighbors across the hall started complaining every day about us being here. I was overly sensitive to all the comments and really thought I would just move. This apartment required small move in deposits and I was grateful that I could live here. My daughter was going around and telling things about me and her that now I look back and wondering if she wasn’t feeling like she wanted me to lose. We have had our share of problems. I sold my property and spent most of the money on helping them. The lady here Sarah is in a relationship with a man that also lives here and they were wanting to be the welcome party for new renters. I met an insurance lady that now I realize knew Sarah before I knew her. She didn’t tell me that. I stupidly told some of my past to both of them. Sarah has had issues with others here..I said to robin the insurance lady that I heard at one time the Bible study on Sunday had a lot of people but now only a very few. Sarah had called one of the residents the N word and I didn’t know if that was why or not. She went immediately to Sarah and told her what I told her I thought in confidence. I liked the Bible study but got sick and didn’t go for a couple of weeks. Sarah brought lots of stuff to us. Food and soap and it was nice. But before long I was overwhelmed with no storage to put stuff. Also when she wanted to know what was going on in my place or see who was visiting she would throw stuff in a bag and come and see. A girl that had been in my life through my granddaughter since they were in preschool came to visit. Yeah she has pink hair and a crop top on. Someone called Sarah and told her I had a visitor that looked like a hooker. Here comes Sarah with some stuff to see for herself. She looked at the girl like she was trash and went on. They have a class here to paint. It is a sip and paint. My family decided a glass of wine would be great for me. I opened the wine and took a small amount with me. As soon as they realized I had wine they would not speak or sit with me. It has been her and his pattern if they don’t approve or think I am doing wrong they don’t speak. I began to feel uncomfortable at their Bible study. There’s more but bottom line is I came here looking for a Christian group to learn with. My conclusion now is I put my faith on the wrong thing. On people not God the way I should. I have no one here to be friends with. Between my family and Sarah very few even speak. I am so sad and I can’t afford to move. Please pray I can learn from this and God will lead me to the neighbors I can trust and that accepts me. I consider myself a Christian but I know I fall short every day. Thank you

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