Holy Father. Dear friends and blessed sisters and brothers.

by Finn Kaels Pedersen (Torrevieja- Spain)

I ask in the name of God, the holy spirit and Jesus Christ for your healing prayers. I know everything is possible in the name of God and Jesus Christ. Father you know I am struggling with beginning cancer in my prostate and my health needs healing and a change healthy lifestyle. Diet, more exercise, no smoking. No more anxiety and depression within me or my family. Please advice me to do so in the right way and give me the strength needed. You know I am the father of a wounded family for 40 years. You know two of my 5 children need your prayers to get healed and reach recovery and get normal life. Father you know my former wife is a victim of incest and could not always do, what was needed to be done, to rise all children and for many years acted violent and abusive. You know I could not always adapt to this and lost my control with anger and resentment to get things worse. Father forgive my sins and let me be the father my grown up children have always needed. The person my former wife needs to be a good father, being able to forgive everything which should be forgiven. In my heart and soul. Forever. Father, let me never loose hope and belief and let me be able to handle the further steps to treat my cancer in the right way.

Father God, thank You for listening my prayers, and let me be your child to the end in the name of You and footsteps of Jesus Christ.

Thank you.


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