Holding on to a relationship that is holding me back and the future I’m trying to plan

by Deborah Calvert (Kentucky)

In Jesus name please help me to not speak in anger because I’ was hurt by the One i have loved for 13 years jesus help me to stay sted fast on the goals you have given me to accomplish I no I can count on you and with your help I’ll be able to count on myself I have tryed to help others but have learned they have to change them self all I can do is pray Jesus you have help me so much all ready and I love you the anger I fill right now hurts and I’m scared you have changed me for the better in so meny was thank you for pulling me throw double breast cancer alcohol adition and mental meditation I no longer need thanks to you Jesus I fill lonly u till in alk to you you are the most inportant person in my life and I will let the holly spit guid me with the marm filling of love that you give I pray for ever one that has hurt me and forgive them i need you Jesus to help me forget and move on in Jesus name Amen

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