Hi I’m grateful for you receiving my prayer request

by Marla (Tx Usa)

Hi a lot of my family members in the US and in south America have died in a 5 year period and and my dear friend Beatrice is dying of lung cancer and her husband died of that and her mother died recently too I am also not doing to good I have different infections and different things happening to my body all I know is I had a broken tooth for a while and so I want to say that ten years ago I had dedicated my life to Jesus but struggled with sin and to know what faith was and if I was truly serving a holy God to my knowledge I struggled in sin even though I was reading the gospel and I was seeking the lost but since I failed to come to Jesus with a sincere heart to surrender my life to him in moral thought word and deeds.

I found out the hard way and I had to renew my life with jesus and when I did I started to feel drawn to his word and witnessing again then I backslide again last year and so through my bad experiences I came to a conclusion this year that we can only have life through Jesus you see I was being double minded so I believe I was being unstable in all my ways so my point is I can only have life through Jesus and develop a relationship with him and when we truly seek him in sincerity abiding in him always then we come to know him and I understand that know and I feel more love for Jesus than I ever felt before I thank you for hearing my request I love the verse of Jeremiah 29:11.

Amen Marla