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1818-1857 British crown 🇬🇧 republic of India today.🇬🇧1945 great Britain video link below…regarding British rule🍿🍿 https://youtu.be/SElZ29Al4Sw🇬🇧india still pays royalties to england.1765 -1938 $45 trillion .India’s GDP was 🧐%26 at the time of 1945. Britain made it 3% .🧐 Carl Icahn financed $20 million financing taj. World war 2 took out Mahatma ghandi. Britain controls china were I was in Hong Kong and bjinn . Told the Chinese billionaires . Etc . During the obamas , Clinton’s,bushs,etc from Joseph Stalin to Richard Nixon on. All they would say your true this and that. Pirates of carribeans, Blackbeard, etc the British. Jesus Christ relics💯🍿https://youtu.be/x2ksfbaTpoo nutcrackers,pinnochios,Peter pans.etc 🧐watch movie great Britain 1982 about them skinheads 🤯 the British controls china,Argentina , Siam . 14 colonies under British rule. Still under British rule. Queen Elizabeth ll and king Philip controls 34 🧐Britain movie link below 🍿https://youtu.be/iLNpsf1k_Yw countries . Personally I lived with them for a while like 1 year I was polite and respectful 🤔in Ireland,Japan tokyo,china bjinn Hong Kong,Switzerland,Russia Moscow st Petersburg , Canada st Pierre ufc fighter. Arianna grande Selena Gomez USA millionaire musicians . Usa Hollywood, lake Forrest, etc about 18 countries or more under Elizabeth. I also explained st Michael war story in Korea 1950 a soldier Michael and a 6 ft 4 Michael out. It explains morning 🌟 star prayer to st michael. Book of Jude, book of revelation, book of Daniel as Michael the prince of Israel . Michael controls the bullets and uses a sword and kills the soldiers and saves the soldier. You can find it in YouTube,Google,etc 1950 st Michael in Korea story. The archives of 1950 Korea,usa great Britain uk etc the sword of Michael in golgona Italy etc territory,etc He’s famous for Israel been a war angel.fighting the dragon and demons . Casting them out of heaven. So I got my wealth in selling,businesses,sports,investing,finance,economics,etc my college usc Stanford. Inventions patents etc that went on to make trillions. In Euro USD British etc . Was born in USA. Got educated played sports . Examples I would send transfers via PayPal or account in amounts unheard of. Did this in excess trillions worldwide . Walked rich ppl like sir Richard branson . Kareem Abdul jabbar Larry bird . Reggie Miller Wally szczerbiak the Obama’s etc Support all causes giving billions annually , give god his % 10 says all u do give thee 10 and you multiply if u don’t give your crop didn’t get blessed. So I give 10 to top 20 churches, etc . Last I checked the revenues were in $7 Quadrillion every quarter via PayPal,banks,etc. I gave all my schools too. Etc the focus in heaven the anticipation of Jesus . I tried or saw if I could purchase things like king Solomons ring. Jesus Christ etc all biblical , etc

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