Her Health and bring her back to me

by Chelsey (Glendale)

I still ask for prayers with the woman I love where he gives her courage to walk away and show her the strength she has to leave the abusive situation with her ex that she has been afraid to leave because she believes he will hurt. I ask for prayers that God removes him from her life and shows him the hurt he caused her and to move on with his life. She told me she loves me and loves me even more because I love her even more when she is broken. She doesnt want me to leave, and I ask that God brings her close to me. I continue to ask for Prayers that God breaks open her heart to see that I have been here waiting patiently and havent given up on her and love her unconditionally and to bring her back to me. I am asking for prayers that the lump she found her in chest and under her arm isnt cancer, and just a cyst that can be easily healed. She is sick from her crohns already and doesnt deserve this on top. I would take it away from her if I could. Please ask for her to be healed and pain free and that this is not cancer. Thank you all for the prayers already they mean a lot and help! God Bless and I hope all your prayers are answered.

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