Helpless and Distraught. Please Help Me Pray.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, please help me pray for a loved one who is suffering emotionally and going through a very troublesome time in his life.

Almighty and merciful Lord, I praise and glorify You oh God and thank You for the gift of life, all the blessings and graces you have showered upon me, my loved ones and on the whole world.

Father, I humbly come before you for I am feeling helpless and distraught. A loved one is going through a very rough time in his life and may possibly lose his career because of me.

Lord, please look into our hearts and in the hearts of those involved. I pray that You open our minds, ears and hearts to the truth, that all sides be heard so that we may discern what’s fair and just.

Please draw us closer to you, Father. Please protect us from the unjust. I pray for strength and guidance for my loved one, Lord. Please constantly remind him of Your promises and Your will. Father, I also pray that you make me and instrument of Your love, that even in a small way, I may lessen the burden he is feeling inside.

Father, I am deeply sorry for all the things that I have done that led to this and for all the pain and trouble that I have caused. You know my heart’s desires, Father and I am so sorry.

Lord, please guide us and help us overcome this and I pray for Your divine intervention. When we are afraid, please protect us, calm our fears and remind us that You are with us. Please defend us and guard us oh Lord, and with all my mind, heart and soul, I pray that my loved one be spared.

Father, I pray for Your guidance and protection as we continue down Your path. All these I ask in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, Your son. Amen.