by Lori ()

I can ask to be prayed about in most categories. I love God. He’s my everything. I’m losing hope. I’m alone except for him and my dog. I’m obese, I don’t go anywhere because of it. I have no support system since I won’t go to church due to my obesity and also car issues. I can’t lose weight. I’ve tried. I walk the dog a lot and don’t eat. I can’t afford groceries anymore. So good isn’t the issue. Dr shrugs me off. I work, can’t make ends meet one so much debt and the IRS. I’m scared, lonely and lost. Depressed now. My family has money but won’t help. I’ve lived on the streets. They didn’t care.I almost died and none of them came to see me. I work, found new job right after laid off due to covid. Did the right thing, but, doesn’t matter. Would have been better off being in unemployment . I’m broke, close to being homeless. If rent goes up I will be. I need healing, mind, body and spirit. I need to lose weight to be able to get up in morning and do things need to do and what God calls me for. I need support and love. I never got married. My choice. I’m 62, now I’d like to find the man that is meant for me. I have a hard time functioning. I’m sick by time get to work because of heat and I have no ac in car. It’s very old 1993. Barely surviving . Makes matters worse community doesn’t help, I’m single and work so no help I just want to heal, lose weight, find my joy again, work everyday I’m supposed to. Well you get it. Need a car, get out of debt pay what I owe. Be able to tithe etc.

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