Helping Someone Overcoming Childhood Abuse

by Alyssa (Canada)

Since I met my partner, I have always felt there was something he was hiding from me or something he had done or had happened that affected him greatly. This had implications in our relationship in terms of trust and not being able to express himself emotionally.

As things with us started taking a turn for the worst, I began to let go of the hurt and anger by actively putting my faith and trust in God. One night before bed, I started speaking words of encouragement and positivity for our future and he started to break down shaking and crying. I had never seen him this way before. He opened up to me that he was sexually abused from the age of 4-12 by an older family member and has never told anyone ever – literally 24 years of living with the hurt, shame, and anger by himself.

I am thanking God that he will start healing his broken heart and help him address and work through these difficult memories. That the right people will come in his life to start the process and that he will find strength and comfort in God and feel his presence.

I am also thanking God that I will continue to strive to say and do the right things, having wisdom of how to deal with my partner and put aside any selfish thoughts so that I can fully support, encourage, and show him compassion and love.

Thank you so for your prayers.

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