St. Jude,

Prayer can be an amazing thing. I have had a truly rough week and I can really say that without prayer, I would be having a non-stop anxiety attack. When you feel God’s love and the support of St. Jude, you do feel hope and a feeling of calm and resiliance comes over your being.

Maybe I don’t understand why bad things happen to me, but I can trust in God to help me through them. Thank you St. Jude for your continued intercession in our lives. Thank you for my husband’s job and this new life growing inside of me.

Thank you for the food today and for a place to live temporarily. Today was very difficult for us. Please, oh Lord let us be fruitful both financially and emotionally. Please, I plead may we be successful in renting the apartment tommorrow. We really need a place to live desperately. Please, oh Lord let us be stable in our bodies and home.

Please let us find success finally. My heart cries for security. In your name.


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