Help with tomorrow’s hearing

by Maria (Hamilton Ont Canada)

Worried for the hearing tomorrow regarding a landlords fee of $165.which I don’t have till end of mthn hope they will accept it worried couldn’t t sleep never have I had to go to a bearing my sons rent was behind which he caught up now I wasn’t there aware of this landlords fee I’m trying to call the lady at housing g tribunal see if we can settle it today without goin to the hearing I’m struggling every mthn too many bills not enough finances I’m lonely no family just my son and I he’s all I have thank god I lost 27mthns ago my hearts empty no siblings have no girl friends real friends stabbed me accused me blame me drama I keep to myself have no life bouring I go to church sat for the rosary and mass and sun mass I’m broke have no money the poor get poorer the rich get richer I just want stability secure peace happy have fun find the live of my life please pray for us thank you I’m gratefully for what I have in Jesus name amen.

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