Help with paying bills + a good start on a small plant nursery

by Shastr ()

I am asking for prayers in help with paying off our debts. We ended up in debt by having expenses with repairs of our well, cars & having emergency medical bills. Now we are living on credit cards in which are all tapped out and no where to turn. We have fair credit, we want to barrow enough money to pay down the bills and get out of debt with yet to be able to pay back with a low interest. Haven’t found a resolution as of yet. Need prayers for money to make it all happen. Also prayers in starting up a small plant nursery at our home, want to get this going in order to help pay down the billings, but this will take awhile to get going and for now will not solve the billings that are due in a few weeks. I am not wanting hand outs, for I will be able to pay back once the billings are taken care of, and wanting the plant nursery to take off to help support extra income. We are supporting my son & his wife which are not paying anything in helping us for support. My son does not have a job and we have talked to him about getting one, but he has to many excuses not to get one, his wife had open heart surgery last year and still recuperating form it and she has a part time job. Now I am not just going to ask for prayers for me, but also for my son in having a great opportunity for a job to come along, he has MS but it is just in beginning stages taking shots for it and pray that the shots will sustain and keep his MS in control. His wife is not exercising like she should to strengthen her heart muscles. All the responsibility of bills is on her shoulders and that is a strain in itself asking prayer for her as well to heal totally and be in a fit shape. My husband under a lot of stress because of the bills asking for prayers for him to, he helps out all the neighbors when they are in need of help, and is there for my son and his wife. We have been feeding a lot of stray (feral) cats in which it takes up a lot of money, can’t let them starve. There is so much going on, I am stressed out for I have to here my husband get upset about my son and his wife not helping out financially, and my son and his wife having there say so. I love my husband and my son, but seems like I am in the middle of all this. I do what I can to help out, I have no job, but we both pull in Social Security, not much but better than noting. We have a house payment to be met each month and to many bills on top of that. If we could only keep going till my plant nursery takes off and that is awhile from now. We save where ever we can and try our best to make ends meet, but we are down to our last dollar until pay day and that will be all gone after bills, we will be surviving off of only $20.00 for the whole month if that. We have horses to feed and a dog and all those cats. I can’t afford new eye glasses, mine are 3 years old and bothering my eyes now. We had to have my husbands teeth done creating another medical bill that was unexpected. I just want a prayer for all and I know that prayers are answered, I had experienced an answered prayer a month ago for a friend I asked for in prayer and later on it all happen in time. I know others are worse off than I am and I really feel for them as well and will keep them in my prayers as I read down on the other posts. I wish I had been rich I would help all those in need that ask for help. My prayers are with all those that have posted on here. Thank you for your prayers on my situation, giving me a piece of mind.

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