Help with outstanding fees and to lead a debt free life and have financial freedom

by Thandeka Nqobile Buthelezi ()

In the name of the father, the son, and the holy spirit, through the blood of Jesus Christ.

I’m currently in 3rd year at Wits University studying BSc (Biological Sciences), I have outstanding fees of R127 149.50 and every moment my fees aren’t payed the bill accumulates by 15% each month. Father I’m sorry I was depressed when I failed 2nd year in 2018 and had to repeat in 2019. In 2017 my marks were amazing so I applied for NSFAS and Allan Gray for 2018 and both applications were successful. In 2019 when I was repeating I lost Allan Gray as my sponsor, and NSFAS had paid R85000.00 for 2018, and the fees were included in 2019 I thought the fees rolled over, I didn’t know that I was supposed to appeal for 2019, and apply for 2020. When 2020 got here it was too late but I went to check with the NSFAS office then that’s when they told me of my foolishness and a total of R127149.50 was charged to my fees. I’m sorry for my ignorance I’m sorry for not checking in time. Father help me be freed of my current debt so I can do my BHSc in Neuroscience next year, bless my student number for it has come with many challenges, fight with me oh Lord. I’m praying for days when owing fees is a thing of the past. Help me O Lord in your holy name I beg. I ask of you to clear my debt. I ask of you to grant me financial freedom. Please provide me with opportunities for as long as I shall live, as well as, my family that ensure that we’re forever financially debt and stress free. Forever and ever.
In Jesus name.

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