Help with ministry restored

by K ()

Brett is putting witchcraft on me from his poker game and to have sex with him: the police are corrupt like this: I feel so nauseas. I need to sleep. I need to stop drinking coffee altogether: I had a one at 3:45pm and now I feel sick and still can’t sleep at 1am. I’m going to die from dizziness and vomiting feeling and quesy stomach. I need to stop eating so much late at night and stop drinking coffee. I need to stop McDonald’s completely and wake up earlier and go to the gym earlier, not at midnight or 8pm but earlier at 5 or 3pm. I need help to do a SACAT report and to go to the city gym- which makes me binge eat everytime I try . It’s in a big old bank with lots of deaths inside the walls. Please God Lord a jesus don’t let A and everyone and my mum and uncles and aunties hate me. And F models. I offend everyone I’m sorry.

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