help us to over come with all our debts

by Deena (United Arab Emirates)

Dear St. Jude

I am the sinnner I have done many sins which I cannot forget firgi me and cleanse me in the name of jesus.

st. Judde pray for us pray for my whole family keep them away from all sins and give them good health dont give my children punishment of ours n our ansintor sins to them give them good health and safety I pray for my husband prakash give him peace to his mibd good health and safety to him

Show us the way to finish our debts and to live with our kids n family happily

my sister is in search of job help her to find job let her get a good job

st. Jude kindly hear our prayers and pray for us with jesus the son of lord
we thank you for all we have today
in the name of the father an the son amen.

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