Help us oh lord

by tina ()

Dear Heavenly Farther it’s me and you know what I’m asking for before I even ask amen come plz come into my six year relationship the one I have faith that you put together and can’t no other man or woman destroy amen He promised to marry me out loud so I know you heard him what went wrong I can’t figure it out I put you before him as I hope you know and see plz bring him closer to you as well mend our relationship as it once was before you know where I came from amen and I see where you bought me too amen do what only you can do Farther in Jesus name for my relationship amen I trust you believe you honor you worship and respect you I tithe to you amen in Jesus name your son the one you rose from the dead on the third day amen your daughter that’s asking for help amen allow him to keep taking care of me his wife to be if that’s your will I know it shall be done amen and amen to the king of king and the lord and savior of my and our life amen and thank you Jesus.

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