Help us, Lord

by Janeece (South-Africa)

Father as me, my husband and daughter are about to be evicted from our flat, we call on your holy love to protect and guide us.

Lord it seems like my prayers to you don’t get answered but I know that my time is not Your time but Lord we are running out of time and You know Lord that we have nowhere to go.

God you have put us together as a union and no man shall break us apart. So I come before You Lord and pray with love and believe that You will help us and protect us.

God grant us Your miracle. We have only a day or two to pay our outstanding rent. Help us Father, in Jesus Christ name Help us, help us, help us. Amen

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  1. Alone

    God help me with my kids we need you so very badly my life is almost gone and I have nothing to help them with and I can not go in pace boing they have one one to help them but you please help us lord I wait for you to send me a sine so I can go in pace

  2. Lord come through

    Lord, please help. I try everyday to be strong and have faith, but I’m falling apart. I have a master’s degree yet I receive no call backs for positions in my field. I live from paycheck to paycheck and I’m due to have my first child in December ( I feel like I have to put on a front everyday day to appear fine). Sorry to say that I no longer trust or seem to be in love with my child’s father due to everything that has occurred between us- basically I’m distant and nonchalant. I do not want to appear as if I’m ungrateful but I just can’t believe where I am in my life. Lord, I need you to move in my life and just restore my spirit. I want to accomplish so many things but depression is very real. I basically live to work. When I attempt to reach out for help I’m faced with scheduling conflicts. I’m anxious about my future and worried about finances. Now I know better not to worry about these things, but Lord it gets real and I’m just left with tears and sorrow from feeling defeated….

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