Help us build trust

by Josh (Iowa)

Lord thankyou with evrything I am for wakeing me for over 34 years now(at times it was hard but not for you)thankyou for all the blessings some took more to see but my eyes are now more open than ever. lord please protect her and mend her heat in everyway and allow her to see that the fool ive been is not me i lost sight and started acting on emotions that many time wernt to be trusted and ive pushed her away. Help me to continue in realiseing and mending the flaws ive created in myself and help me to get back to the positive hardworking loyal and so much mor person you breathed life in to on multiple ocations when my owen free will and bad choices lead me dangerously close to death thankyou for spairing my life so that i was able to make Jeasus my lord and savior and thankyou for the amazeing gift that you brought into my life when you created Monica around 8years before me. Lord i pray you make my heart reddy and strong so you can bring yer masterpiece back to me and she wont fear anything and allow her to take the walls down shes built from pain in the past and lord allow her to let me in to love cerish hold hug and make her feal happier than only you can top,Thakyou lord in yer sons name I pray thankyou,amen!

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