Help us become one again

by Jody (Virginia)

Dear Lord

Please give my husband and I another change. I know we went through this 6 years ago and we made it. This time will be our last time because I am going to forget the past. I can’t keep bringing it up all the time. Today I make a promise to you God that I want to be a better Christian. I know I need help and we are both going to counseling together. He is very stressed with his job and he feels depressed. Also we just moved last year to a new state. My husband has lived in same hometown for 40 years. We both wanted best for our two teenage boys. So I’m praying to work our relationship out. My husband has shut down now that he won’t touch me at all. I know I am jealous but he doesn’t show his love to me then I get sad thinking he’s cheating lord please help us become stronger than we were before.

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