Help To Unite Us Together

Please pray that my off and on relationship with a man for 9 years who has recently said he wants me as his wife but lives far away will do whats necessary as a man and I as a woman receive guidance on what steps we need to be take in finally making it to the alter and establishing a solid foundation for our future. I admit that Im partly to blame due to my leaving which has caused him doubts that I truly love him but my family situations caused me to relocate as well as fear. I am currently still unstable physically and need and want desperately to be with him and lost a loved one and so has he. I want to go to him but not because of my struggles with beinh homeless anf joblesd but realizing that I made a huge mistake leaving him and feel in my spirit he is the man God has specifically designed for me. We both share some responsibility due to the back and forth & off and ons as well as the indecisions and trust issues. I love him and he loves me and want us to grow old together. Thank you for your prayers.