Help To Those Who Are Facing Tough Times

by Mathias Monda Aguta (Kapese, Lokichar, Turkana.)

Heavenly Father of Mercy and Love,

You created us all in your image so that we may all live according to holy will and glory.
Dear Lord God Almighty, it was never your intention that your Creation would be nothing but the best and enjoy all the best from your bounty. Father, thank you because you have kept your everlasting and true promises to me and my family.
Father in Heaven, remember those around us and with us who have not been blessed with as much as us. Those going through tough times and must struggle each day to provide for themselves and their loved ones; those who are jobless and need the means to enjoy the basic necessities of life; those whose children cannot attend school for lack of fees; those who are homeless and at the mercy of the elements; those affected and afflicted by disease; college graduates who are struggling to find jobs; these and all those who are unable to fend for themselves.
Lord God of all Creation, bless them all and provide their every need and desire. Open the way and opportunities for them so they prosper in every area of their endeavours. Grant them thy favours and blessings, O God.
In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.

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