Help to stand up for myself, in the face of lies & bullying

by Shionnach (Ireland)

Dear St. Joseph,

Please hear my prayers, help me feel & hear the support our dear lord has given me in this troubled time. I only wish to support & care for my daughters … To keep them safe & do my best for them. I’m finding it hard to find my voice … I get so upset when I think and relive the hardship of what happened … I worked so hard hoping it would appease them … Instead work treated me dreadfully… Worse each time .. I’m on my own … Trying my best … But it was never enough …. I feel so vulnerable …. I hate feeling so powerless ….

Help me surrender to your will, give me the strength and courage to stand up for myself … Enough is enough ….

Help me know and do the night thing for my little family … Thank you St. Joseph xxx

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