Help to Rebuild Relationship

by LA ()

Dear God, I am in need of your help. I am filled with disparity & I woke up crying this morning. Please help open his mind & soften his anger & current indifference towards me. If it is Your will, please help S & I to rebuild our wounded & broken relationship. S is full of stress & I feel cast away & dismissed. Please help S to find love for me again in his heart & to feel that our love is worth effort. Please return the love that S once felt for me. During this turmoil, please help me to stay close to you. Please take my hand & help guide me! I feel completely lost & full of anxiety. Help me to find strength. This emotional pain is so bad that I know it is effecting my physical health. Please help me to take care of me. All while doing so, please help S too with his internal battles. God, I truly, deeply miss S and our love. I fear that he will choose to cast me away because it would just be easier to move on. I love him & I’m thankful that you brought him in my life over 5 years ago. I really miss him & the connection we once had. Please do not let our days together be over. Please help me to endure. While doing so I pray that you will help to soften his external exterior & thoughts about me & about our relationship. Please, God. Help to restore the kindness & love between us. We need your help to reconnect & move forward in a healthy & positive relationship. Please help him with his stress with his teenage son. Please help me with my fear that I’m not enough. Please God. I want S in my life & I hope that he wants me in his too. With all my heart I pray to you to hear my prayer & help me & S too. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

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