Help to keep moving forward

by Lin (Texas)

Dear Lord,

Please help me to keep going onward. I have forgotten how I can’t get through this difficult trial without leaning on you. When I stop trusting or forget to thank you for where you have brought me, I go back into a dark hole. I have a feeling in my inside that is unbearable. It’s the feeling I felt when he first left us. Please help me remember that I can’t even begin to do this without you. Please give me the confidence in myself to keep moving. You have brought me so far, I would have never imagined being in the spot I am 10 months ago.

You granted me the greatest gift, my daughter. I need strength in myself so I can be the best mother this baby girl deserves. I need your help mending my family. I said I would never quit trying, even after what he did to me. And I will not stop now. Thank you for your endless love. You are my strength.

In your name I pray,


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