Help to heal a sickness of exhaustion from helping a loved one pass away.

by Bill (Casa Grande, AZ)

Heavenly Father, hear my prayer to return to health. I am drained and feel as though my life energy being drained away. I see that in one day after a lose of my beloved sister from cancer. I felt I was placed here by your divine help as those who would could not. Life placed them elsewhere for other important works. I was given weeks before death and by my arrival been 3 months of constant care giving. So thankful to you Father God for to serve in this way. Unprepared without rescourses. Yet you Lord provided all I needed to come and serve these months her and her family. Over whelmed by the magnitude of state of them , I had resolved to stay to the end and now to consoul, care, provide that which I have not. Oh, help me dear Lord Jesus to know your wisdom to change what I can , know what I cannot. My health seems inadequate and my soul cries for strength and resource to complete this journey and return to my work and home so far away. As in all things, in the will of God , I do pray. Amen

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