Help through a difficult time

by Kristi (Alberta)

Dear Jesus, I need your help for strength going through this separation. Please help things to be done soon so that I can move on and have everlasting peace and not have to worry about where my son and I are going to live. Please guide the lawyers as they work through this. I also pray for my ex’s new girlfriend so that she doesn’t get sucked in and lose everything. Help her to see what he is really like. I’m not sure he will ever change. I know that only you have the ability to make him change and maybe all of this stuff that happens will teach him a lesson. I don’t know know, it is in your hands though. Please help my son and I to keep your house if it is your will. Only you can make some of this stuff happen and hopefully it happens soon. We need to move on and make a clean break. Give me patience and peace through this. Amen

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