Help this stupid man

by Antonio (Canada)


I know i am not the brightest man. I may even be the stupidest and perhaps even the most hated, at least that’s how it seems and how I feel. I finally got a women that really loves me lord and that loves you as much as I do. Please I don’t want to lose her lord! You know how much loneliness as haunt me.

I need a job lord, i need to show her that I am a real man and have value. she loves me a lot lord and has shown it to me but I am realistic i need to help her financially! Please lord, you know all my troubles and my lack of love for myself.

I need your strength and need peace within myself finally!…And lord help all of us that come to you in need with love to you. Read our hearts not our minds. Cleanse our minds so that we may not think of any sins.

My god! give me the faith, strength, confidence, and intelligence that I need to be a real man. In your beloved and my lord Jesus Christ name I come….

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