help seal my marriage with love, understanding, respect, trust bind us together so no one can break us apart…

by Suzette (George Town Guyana)

Dear god I bring before you broken marriages, I bring before you broken hearts, I bring before you broken spirits. Father I pray that you mend broken marriages, broken hearts, broken spirits…Almighty God bring the cords of love and make every

Man/woman love each other as they are suppose to love each other. Oh almighty God remove every demon that rise its head to end this beautiful marriage, let there be love peace understanding between husband and wife… Oh God because you said who you put together no man asunder.. Father we invite you into our marriage bless it bind it with your never ending love oh God there is none we can ask but you to bind us together once again…I pray for every man and woman that have their marriage in crisis lord we ask you please let there be happiness again lord thank you for accepting our prayer in jesus name amen.

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