Help save our family

My parents have been married for 15 years. The first moment they saw each other they instantly feel in love with each other. We need a miracle…they are getting a divorce in 9 days, and i don’t want that to happen. I know deep down in my heart that my dad still loves my mom. Whenever im at my dads house i always see him unhappy, or sad about something. He always goes up and down… one day he his nice to my mom and the next day he’s terrible and threatens to take us away from her. Its like he is under a bad influence . Me and my little sister would love if you could pray for us. In Jesus name we pray AMEN <3

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  1. Faith

    Good morning

    My prayers are with you and your Family

    Be sure that your parents love you

    Please be sure you go to church each Sunday

    Marriage is difficult and both people

    Have to be three quarters committed to the

    Marriage and one quarter to themselves

    Church has groups for marriages and

    Divorced couples please check

    The Lord will be with you and your sister

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