Help save our family

by Kristie (California)

Dear Heavenly Father,

Please hear my prayer for my family. My husband Tim has left me and our children and we are heartbroken. Please help him find his way to you so he can see clearly. Guide him back to our family that love him so much. The devil is trying to destroy our marriage and family. Please help him reach out to you so he doesnt continue to walk the dark path he is traveling. I pray for strength and patience in our children and my heart and we go through this hard time in our life. I believe in you God and the power of prayer.

I know that I will continue with our children to follow you and stay on your lighted path. Please fill our hearts with love. I pray you bring Tim back to us so we can build the life together you wanted for us. I love you God. In Jesus name Amen!!!!!

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  1. You are being held up to the Lord

    Dearest friend,

    I do not have a gift for writing prayers, but I wanted to tell you that:

    ‘the Lord’s face shineth on yours and your children. Let His arms engulf you and let me carry you, Tim and your children in my prayers.
    The Lord is with you. He loves you deeply and rejoices in the calm humility in which you are asking for his grace. The Lord WILL answer the prayers of the righteous’.

    God Bless.
    From a Christian in Cambridge

  2. God hears you cry

    My husband left me 8 months ago God brought me to the ministry called:
    I am sure God will bless you there

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