Help Save my Marriage

by Mike (Northern VA)

Good Evening, your prayers have been a big help to me and my wife. We continue to take things day by day, but I still need your help. Turns out there is another guy friend of my wifes that has kept his distance till now. Looks like hes trying to take advantage of the situation between my wife and I. Please pray to keep this wolf at bay, as my wife and I rediscover our love. I wont ask you to pray that he gets run over a bus, but if he could suddenly find a transfer to the coldest part of Alaska I wouldnt mind (He used to call early and ask my wife and I for rides). Each day our love grows a bit at a time. Being separated by thousands of miles doesnt help, but I will see her soon and be visiting with her and my son for about 3 weeks. In the meantime, I continue to go to church, work on my bad habits, and better myself. I had turned into such a pig over the last year. Ive devoted myself to cleaning myself up and winning back my wife. With your prayers, we can make that happen. Thanks and God Bless you all!

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