Help, Salvation, Deliverance, Wisdom, Open Heart, Peace, Safety

by Mary ()

Hello, thank you for being available online,
I desperately need prayer. I have stood tall and yet have fallen. I dont. want to be the one that Christ says “I no ye not”, and the man said that he has prayed for people, casted out devils, and so on. I dont want to be that person. I have been through many steps in my life, I have been given the robe of righteousness twice and the crown. My life now is upside down completely. I feel that I no longer have any support system in my life. People feels that I am not a good person, I have been pushed to the brink, to where i can stand no more. Im scared. Yet no one really cares to give me a second chance, just damnation. No one wants me to succeed, no one wants me to be anyone. The Word says to pray in the spirit and if it His his will he would answer. This prayer was for my husband, I thought that things would be better. Well, He did answer my prayer and I rejoiced for I have been praying for years. He The Lord our God did tell me to beware, that there would be bumps in the road and yet was not expecting all of this. So many bumps that I lost everything I gained with Christ. I was told that I am not a good person in flesh and spirit (evil) I have made many mistakes, many. I need to have my salvation and spiritual life back. I miss Him so much. .

I have been tripped, scouffed, hated, psychologically manipulated, been tried to prove my love to my family and probably have nothing in the end. I am so scared. I dont know what to do at this point. Some want me to be dead, some want me to have nothing, some want me to be alone. I have tried to balance my life with no avail. It has effected so many people in my life. I love my family, have sacrificed so much and yet I have nothing. Those also have forgotten all the things i have done to help, pray, deliver, and annoint through Christ many people.

I dont know what to do or where I will be in the future for I have nothing and would be on the streets, which I think everybody wants.
I need prayer desperately, desperately,

Please pray for me and dont let me go please.

In Jesus’ Name

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