Help restore Our Marriage

by Brittany (Kentucky)

Lord Heavenly Father Thank you so much for another breath of life . Lord my heart is broken and shattered into pieces. I just found out we were pregnant a few weeks ago and now my husband told me he wants a divorce. he hasn’t been home in a week. and my heart is breaking.

I miss him so much lord and I pray that you convict his heart and let us fight the devil together. I feel like Santan is attacking this marriage and doesn’t want us happy. . Lord help us overcome any obstacle that may come in our way . help us love another. And don’t let anyone come in the way or persuade evil ways. I hope my husband comes home me and my son and unborn child need him. lord I committed to him and you I vowed to love honor and cherish him.

please help me get thorough this battle and fight the devil . Bring my husband home. in Jesus name amen