Help Restore Our Life Together

by Tom (Houston, Texas)

Dear Lord,

I pray to you tonight to ask that you help Beatriz find, realize, and understand the love that we have for each other. I am lost without her and our daughters, and I know that she and I should raise them together.

Lord, I know that I have sinned and that I have made many mistakes. I know that I took her and the girls for-granted at times. I never wanted to hurt them, but I now realize that I may have put my needs, my foolishness, and my work ahead of them. I am truly sorry, and I wish to repent for my sins. I love them very deeply.

I know that Beatriz is confused and I know that she is now unsure of our relationship because of my past mistakes. Please Lord, heal her heart and let her know that the man that I have restored, is truly the man that she fell in love with.

Lord, I am sorry for the sins and mistakes of my past. I am committed to following your Word in the future. Please Lord, help her see that I am committed to her and the girls, and that we can have a wonderful and prosperous future together. Please Lord, hear my prayer and help us re-establish our family together. I pray this in Christ’s name – Amen

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