Help repair our troubled relationship

by A (Canada)

Saint Jude please help me, hear my prayer and help bring romance and happiness back into my relationship, my boyfriend G and I are not as affectionate as we once were, I want our closeness back. I pray we can heal whatever it is that is causing this. I pray the anger he has been feeling subsides and gives way to love.

I pray he will see how it hurts me and actually feel bad for taking his anger and frustrations out towards me, I pray for us to be able to communicate clearly and peacefully without anger, harsh words or fighting so that we can grow past this rough patch and hear what each other has to say so that we can repair any damage we may have caused. Maybe it’s my fears or maybe we have just become complacent, I feel so lonely lately although I am not alone, I want him to feel attracted to me again, I pray he can see how much I love him and how much I want him and want him to want me as badly.

Any help and guidance now Saint Jude would be so great and welcomed. Also thank you Thank you Saint Jude for Answering my prayer before. I was so relieved and felt so great knowing you heard me and were there to help! Thank you. Amen..god bless!

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