Help Regarding employment

Dear Lord,

I thank you for everything you have blessed me with and that I am still holding strong after all the battles I have gone through, I humbly come to you to ask for your guidance and assistance. I have made big life changing decisions recently that has put my life on risk for so much, I am trusting that you will direct me to a brighter path that will help me out of my current problem I am facing, I left my job to move into a different direction and I took a leap of faith to get me to a better position in a different place, through such a crucial time when the economy is difficult to find jobs,I have risked a lot as you know and I really need your help to provide me to a well paying job that is best suited for my skills and strengths, please place me to a job where I can shine and be able to give back as well to those who have helped me, I want to be able to get my life started and I ask you to help me get to a bright future and be successful wherever your will is for me to be. Please allow me to have a great job that I can be happy with and provide for myself and in the ones in my life, take care of me and remove all harm that does not come from you throughout this journey , I have a limited time to find a job to be able to pay my bills and other things that have made it crucial to find a job soon.Take care of me at this time in Jesus name I pray.


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  1. Faith

    Good morning!

    My prayers are with you this morning!

    I am where you are I took leap of faith not once not twice

    But now my third and biggest Started

    My own business with Jesus as my Partner

    Going on my 5th year he has been providing

    Each month even when I have made

    Mistakes I still have faith that my business

    Will continue to grow with faith that Jesus

    Will be with me always Please keep your

    Faith go to church each Sunday

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