Help; psychopathic evils

by X Wu ()

Revenge against those who try/tried to steal from or take advantage of my grandmother & my mother & their assets/etc. My mother’s an extremely devoted unassertive humble Christian woman. Psychopathic evils: Joyce & her evil accomplices. We need help from God; like prophet Elijah. God, please take control; into Your hands. Revenge’s God’s. Romans 12:19-21. Needing God’s righteous judgement, control, miracles & etc to do the impossible. Recovery of what my mother deserves. Let His will be done. For all financial help for my mother to keep and she learns everything necessary to live on her own with God’s help and His financial help. All of her enemies’ past, present & future assets repossessed. Her goodly name & image will be permanently restored while the absolute truths of her bullies will be undeniably exposed in 100%+ exposures. Also, a recovery of what my mother deserves & what damages she’s incurred over all her life do to these abuses. Let His will be done.

Revenge against those who try or tried or ever do try to take/steal or take advantage of my God given, ordained, presdestined girlfriend(s). God gifted my life with them and her after a prayer. I’m a very serious and humble Christian. I need help from God, as like prophet Elijah… I would like God to take control; put into His hands. Revenge is God’s. Romans 12:19-21. Overwhelmed and desperate. God knows it all & that He make it painfully regretful to cross Him or me or any of my girlfriends, to inconceivable regret & unstoppable consequences & insanity.

That I somehow get my wardrobe & cellphones back.

My family prepares for any upcoming callamaties, disasters & earthquakes.

All my concerns 2 b properly rewarded & all persecutions abominably cursed beyond agony, multifold vs wat I’ve endured. God’s revenge. Rewarded 2pursue marriage unhindered (fun/relax time). My GF(s)’s psychopathy to disappear & replaced. All rewards properly dispensed 2the truly righteous/etc. I’m instantly rewarded w/wealth 2pursue a godly life with wives & His commandments. Evil comes2 end. Family psychopathy deleted & is properly replaced. My new marriage life’s filled with love & security.

For those who’ve aided or do aid me (real friends), to flee/escape the craziness, see the truth and be rewarded multifold, especially with your miracles & guidance & paths & warnings & protections & rewards.

Life to be renewed. I need to get away. For ALL my medical problems to instantly disappear/reverse till gone for good, so that I won’t need to pay for a kidney transplant nor need any medications. Especially before tomorrow, before I try to pay massive amounts of money to get a kidney transplant. All my listed, heartfelt & desires of my heart heartfelt goals to come true. Same made to be true for those I care for, according to God’s will.

My past psychopathic tormentors & persecutors lives will be abominably decimated, to be taught that God is the god of the most high, the Alpha and Omega, and the Lord Almighty and He protects his children and will set the paths of the righteous straight. They’ll finally see their end. All will be exposed to the victims and righteous children of God and the truly righteous who God will support (etcetera).

All evils & their ways are exposed for all to recognize, understand and to become hated/whatever w/true Christlike righteous & relations with my mother’s restored. My mother & I get compensated for all the past, present and future abuses done to me, my girlfriends & my family members.

For the miraculous physical return of my girls to me, especially to be married, converted & saved. To have 24-7 fun & children. My fantasy Natty, Chris & Savins, remembering everything, come true, inconceivably beyond my heart’s desire, according to God’s will.

For my psychopathic girlfriend(s) to miraculously immediately & permanently stop cheating on me, to see the errors of their/her ways & see the evil consequences. To react with horror at the ideas of what could happen as consequences. Whatever it takes to get her/them to stop. Becomes overwhelmingly uncontrollably remorseful, regretful and uncontrollably agony so much that she needs my forgiveness & love & etcetera to heal/etc. To immediately unblock me from Facebook/etcetera. She/they immediately do everything to repair damages/etcetera, without compromise/collateral; long lasting. To only want to give it all to me & to no other guys in her life; suddenly all other past, present, etcetera guys become garbage to her/them; I’m the only one for them. Overwhelmingly wants to confess everything to me. She & they become everything I’ve ever wanted. The best resolution(s) to these situations, inconceivably beyond my complete utter satisfaction.

Inconceivable revenge against those who try/tried to take my girlfriends or ever have/had anything immoral to do with them, especially if it’s against God’s will. No intimacy nor leading them astray nor toxifying them nor polluting them nor polluting their conscience.

All hidden problems, of the past, present and future, are resolved or avenged by God and put into His hands.

All past, present & future guys (except me) immediately run away from my girlfriend(s) for fear of God’s divine retaliation/consequences/etcetera or etcetera.

My goodly, godly & righteous reputation that I’ve lost will be restored. All the psych records will be corrected and the truths of my ordeals will be acknowledged, especially all hidden truths about my persecutions, persecutors and tormentors. All will be exposed. My reputation will be restored and become inconceivably better than before. While I will be permanently seen for righteousness, all my enemies will be seen as worse than dirt by everyone; transparency. When God tells dust to move, it moves however he commands; but when he tells man, man tends to rebel. Worse than dirt.

For all my 40 years of sufferings to turn into blessings.

All the humongous financial help I need to marry my GF(s) ASAP & live a enjoyable life once & for all. I’m 39; finally given a GF(s) from God (1st time; never before); looking to enjoy life as God/Jesus commanded; need God’s financial assistance to live that commandment & dream (never did before); need to escape & be secure from psychopathic evils (even family) & Satan who’re trying ruin my attempts to live a normal life (huge psychopathic network having sadistic “revenge” against me based on make-believes & fantasies); to stay free from psychopathic bondage & enslavement; be free as God intended. Maybe some of this can come in the form of equivalency or collateral or resources. Time to enjoy life, like an independent adult for the first time.

That God helps me achieve independency in all areas of my present & future life & love life & social life. That independency includes exclusion of toxic people.

All the resources I’ve been praying for of the last several years, such as the car(s) I need. Full of security & 150% reliable.

Everyone drops my enemies, especially after learning who they truly are.

My former dogs will be back.

Unspeakable & inconceivable revenge against my psychopathic persecutors and tormentors. Final revenge where they permanently can not rise up again.

For all necessary divine help for me to be miraculously quickly (maybe even impressively) prepared for my girlfriend(s) before marriage soon. That God quickly, in His timing, bestows me in my the millions of dollars (largest possible) to support all my ventures, marriages, family, safeties, everything that He knows I need, especially to finally escape this ungodly bondage I’m in.

For all evil enemies to immediately be permanently out of the lives of my girlfriend(s), immediately… literally impossible for them to go back (the only way God knows how). For my girlfriend(s) to start permanently unraveling and refusing to believe in the lies, deceptions and manipulations of my enemies. For my enemies to lose every past/present/future thing that they have & way beyond inconceivably more, especially inconceivably more than I have lost (marked by God’s signature).

That I find out exactly every past, present & future horrible thing that’s been happening behind my back. All stalking comes to an end and that ways to stalk me aren’t passed out to others, especially those who want to stalk me.

To please have mercy on me; I’m suffering too much. All my concerns answered & prayer requests )esp desires of my heart) granted, even if needed be by God’s divine miracles, interventions, etcetera.

The current pains & medical problems I have will go away instantly. It could be internal kidney infection or whatever.

That He do His will with and in my life & I do His will in my life.

For God to please guide me and surprise me by the Holy Spirit, every day in all that I do or come across, especially proactively. That I’m guided to exaltation.

Everyone who has tortured my life over the past many years are forced to confess to everyone of what they’ve done to me, in absolute 100%+ truth (along w/undeniable exposures). God, please resolve according to your will. They’ve turned my past 12+ years into embarrassment and much, much more. That I will get everything good back & inconceivably much more & inconceivably better in return (but my future wives & family will be protected).

Become way beyond prepared for marriages.

My future life & the future life of my future family members will be totally free of all forms of toxicity, toxic people’s & the works of evil.

All my prayers and the prayers of those made for me, by the righteous of God, are or will be answered.

All deals and mercies that my enemies have made with God are cancelled & that God will show them no mercy. Before forgiveness, they must suffer inconceivably way beyond inconceivably way worse than I’ve suffered (in scope, durations, magnitude, etc) & what they’ve put me through. GOD WILL NOT LET MERCY ROB JUSTICE; THE DESIGN OF LIFE.

Revert back to the inconceivably best version of myself, according to God’s will. I become exactly what God desires me to be.

Resolution to my high blood pressure problems; especially if it involves people.

Whatever God knows that I and my life needs. To have real true friends for the first time, who aren’t psychopathic, shallow and who are actually insightful, moral, intellectually insightful and who are not dumb/gullible/brainwashed/etc & aren’t susepctable nor guilible to deceptions & manipulations. Who don’t have psychopathic friends themselves. The type of friends God knows I need.

My past and the past of my family members and girlfriends be given to God to handle.

All this revenge and reactionaries of permanent consequences from God are necessary because I don’t want to run into trouble when it’s too late. With psychopaths, you ALWAYS discover the trouble and irreparable damages ONLY when it’s too late. They always want to run away from accountability, responsibility, respect, humility, blame and ownership. Striking terror into them is always the best way to deal with them. Spare the rod and you spoil the child. Let them be terrified and permanently run away (maybe with forced humility). With God’s help this is possible and the only possibility.

My sister gets her children back (maybe legally stolen), if it’s God’s will. That she also gets Panda back too. That she also gets her life back, especially so she can support her kids & dog. That she meets the future husband she needs, with Christianity. That she gets back what she lost and maximum security. All this & more, without the bullies. All crazy people are expelled out of our lives.

My own family’s future, & those of my loved ones, is full of total safety, total security & blessings, forever more. With no past, present and future regrets nor any past, present and future complaints. Safe from all callamaties, problems, dangers and threats.

That I’m prepared to make my future family as inconceivably happy as possible; 24-7.

My past, present and future persecutors get what they deserve, beyond everlasting terror.

All my heart’s desires according to God’s will.

My parents become well of and extremely stable.

That God helps prepare my software & programming ventures, especially to great success & great financial success. That it helps me or becomes my pathway to extremely great independent success.

Repair relationship with my brother & sister.

I get back what was stolen from me and any of my family members; especially ideas & money.

True colors of my enemies exposed, all their lies exposed, including permanent exposure; permanent reputation destruction; permanent untrustworthiness against my enemies.

My past, present & future girls are blessed with the new things God and I have been discussing, just as long as it works out with us.

That my relationships with all my past, present and future girlfriends turns out to be the most amazing situations ever. Turns to be the best community ever… inconceivably better than my attempts in High School.

God becomes the center focus for each of my past, present & future girlfriends. And they rely on God for everything. Evils & magic are immediately removed from my life, our lives & from the lives of our loved ones.

My mental, libido, physical, medical problems are cured & made inconceivably far better than before.

That the evils’ stolen intellectual & good ideas came from me. All that was stolen is exposed.

My loved ones receive all that they need, miraculously & overwhelmingly abundantly.

All toxicity is perfectly permanently removed from my life & the lives of my own future family members.

That all controls I’ve lost in my life is given back to me & that no control in my life is never lost nor given out again.

God seeks revenge against those who have done or do cyber stalked or hacked me or cyberbully my loved ones or my girlfriends. Especially against those who try to do evil magic against me or my girlfriends or my loved ones or to the lives or possessions of either of us. Especially against any form of persecutions against me, my loved ones or any of my girlfriends. That the cults or covens or groups of evil are rid of for good, finally, any way or the only way God knows how.

All forms of evils are exposed to me & proper authorities.

That God gives me, my current family members, my girlfriends, & the loved ones of each of them (but not my enemies) the future warnings that we need, according to God’s will. Especially in regards to dangers, threats, harmful people, callamaties, disasters, etcetera. For example, a possible major future earthquake could devastate California. I think this is so, & I suspect that God has been warning me lately, as of June 2020.

That all my future family members support me against those who have been my enemies and those who choose to be my enemies, righteously. That they are my overwhelming support against my enemies & the enemies of God. That they make sure to permanently align themselves with God & His point of view. That they make the godly & Christlike actions/reactions against those who choose immorally against me or God. That they ensure evil has no place in our home nor that evil no way to infiltrate our lives. That God fights with us daily, especially in these matters.

That God prepares me to be the best parent, protector, leader, manager, educator, provider & etcetera for my future children & future wives.

Inconceivable revenge against all those who used voodoo and evil on me & my life.

All evils are immediately permanently removed out of the lives of me & my girlfriends.

That I get all the help I need to run future businesses, especially in software & restaurants.

With all the evils in my life, it’ll all come to an end & ALL of it’ll turn into inconceivable blessings. Blessings that’ll give me more than I could ever (or never even imagine) asking for. It’s in God’s hands. Especially to the utter complete abominable inconceivable unimaginable regret of these evils, forever more & as a permanent unremovable stain in their hearts & psyches. These evils have been all my life, & it’s about time I have joy & live & love & enjoy life for the first time, at 39 years old. I’ve never been married, etcetera. All the psychopaths, all my life, have been stealing from me (like a pack of wolves, circling their prey; etcetera) & destroying my life. I only can confess to a few good times in my life. As Jesus/God commanded to enjoy life when you’re young. It’s about time that all these evils stop, permanently, and are given an undefinable abominable end. 39 years old is far passed the deadline. I’ve lost everything, literally everything in life. That I get everything & inconceivably more in return, to my heart’s desires according to God’s will.

All my past, present & future issues with my girlfriends are resolved inconceivably beyond my complete utter satisfaction, & for my girlfriends too. All the concerns of my girlfriends are addressed by His divine love and it works out amazingly. That He does all that’s possible to help them (while keeping evils away); constantly, to beyond inconceivable success. Immediately all way beyond my heart’s desires & theirs too.

All those who have tried to pollute the minds of my past, present or future girlfriends will be destroyed, in absolute permanently inconceivable ways that only God knows.

Please pray for a resolution to my love situations and persecutory/etcetera problems I’ve been facing? Even resolutions and financial resolutions to future marriage(s)/relationship(s), please? It’s time the evils finally come to an end and all damages get reversed or whatever. To immediately rid and immediately fix my past, present & future girlfriend(s) of her/their psychopathy or whatever conditions she/they has/have, please, and so she can be like everyone else, especially to have empathy? For her to permanently see things correctly about me (& my past, present & future enemies). All the same for my family members too. Please for God’s answers to these prayers to be many fold and, if okay, for His answers to be inconceivably far more than asked for or desired, please? To the max or even more than the max, if okay? And for all my 40 years of prayers to be answered, please? Let His will be done in all these things Thank you and I thank God. God has been inconceivably awesome, great and deserving of it all. And God bless your help, likewise and that you help to others and selves is blessed manyfold!!

— Wu

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