Help pray I do not go to jail

by Nicole Green (Providence Ri)

Lord please let me realize that drinking is going to kill me. I just got another dui and I am terrified I will go to jail . I am 31/2 months pregnant and I pray with all my heart that the forgive me for even putting myself in this situation.

I realize I am so sorry and pray The Lord forgive me and teach me through education and stay away from alcohol learn I will lose my children and my man. Regardless of everything just being what it is and hard for me to deal with. I pray I do not have to go to jail pregnant and I lose my baby .

Please lord do not let that happen to me please lord this is what I pray, that I do not go to jail and lose my baby. Please everyone pray for me because I need your help. I love you lord please help me!

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  1. Prayers that you do not go to jail

    Praying for you & your family. I hope that you have learned from your mistakes and that your faith will help you to be strong and help you to overcome the obstacles that life has given to you. Bless you and I hope you get the best outcome in your situation.

  2. an enormous sacrifice

    Sweetheart I do feel for you. I am praying hard that you don’t lose your baby and don’t go to jail. But there is always a reason for everything. I pray that whatever happens next you will be able to bear that cross. It’s an enormous sacrifice to make to learn this lesson whatever happens next remember to keep the faitheven if your situation seems hopeless. Regards


  3. Stay out of jail

    I pray that the courts will not put me in jail for something i have not done, and see all that was said was lies, but i feel nothing is going for me with the courts, i am scared and frightened and feel all alone and have no where else to turn but only think now but to just end my life, ever since it started i see no other way out and can’t carry on like i am now, it would be a lot better if i just end my life as nothing i say is working. i have been praying and hoping but i see no other way out of what i am going through and feel the courts will lock me up and put in jail, I ask if there is a special prayer that can help me not to go to jail, i have been leading a good life and not do the same mistakes and help others as much as i can but i feel all my work is for no good, I ask all if they could pray and help me to stay out of jail

  4. I'm praying for you. It won't be a long term for you

    You will make it through this. Just breathe and think positive thoughts. We are here rooting for you. Stay healthy for your baby. Things are not as bad as they seem. Much love

  5. addiction

    I need a prayer so i wont go to jail for DUI..seems like very year i get into trouble with the law..I feel it was a set up by the evil..he knows my weakness, that is drinking, i fall easily into that addiction..i also have a good job where my employer is sympathetic yet i feel lost. this addiction has caused from my sexual abuse i encountered while i was a young boy, by three different ppl, but mostly from the priest. Please pray for that i wont go to jail as it seems every year..

    I need our lord to forgive of my actions yet i’m trying to stay positive but its hard to stay focused..

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