Help, please Lord.

by Rebecca (Indiana)

Please Lord.

After 16 years of an abusive marriage.
The kids and I are a step from being homeless….i dont even have the financial means to live in our van…i am flat broke.
Lord please send kids and i a huge financial miracle. I can get them settled into a new home, asap, if i have an emergency miracle.

Lord, you know what hells these kids go thru daily, and what they have seen…please help me today get them in a new safe environment. And be settled. Unfortunatley, to be able to move and go it will be so expensive…i cant do it…i pray you find a way to please bless us so that we can..start new and fresh. In a healthy calm, loving home, no witnessing abuse, or a alcohol always who goes crazy.

They deserve this more than any children i know. They are good, and strong but broken. Lord. …please send me emergency financial help so i can get the kids moved asap!!! Please Lord, help us!!!!

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