Help our son with his dealing with his ex wife’s allegation

Dear Lord Jesus, I come before you today to raise my son to you and his 3 beautiful children, there were misunderstandings between them, their mother is making a big deal and making it sound like they are being mistreated. Dear Lord you know what is the truth and you know what is right, I’m giving you all these to you, cover them with your Holly Spirit and enlighten their hearts and mind to overcome this trial Lord. Help their mother understand the situation and don’t jump into the conclusion without hearing the whole story. For those people who will look into this matter please open their eyes and mind to see the truth. These children are being put into the situation where they shouldn’t be. They need to enjoy being children and not to worry about their parents are going through. Please dear Lord guide my 3 grand children to the right path, their father love them so much dear Lord pour your Love over them. Let them know how much their father love them. You’re the only one dear Lord who knows what is best. Please give my son wisdom, peace and understanding that all these are trials. Keep him at peace dear Lord. In Jesus name I pray. Amen

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