Help our falimy not to be fighting all the time

by Bernadette (Albquerque Nm)

Lord for gave me for I have sin.I hate to fight with my sisters.u no we’re all way fighting.lord take care of is not the time to be fighting there a death in our family right heal them Whit your love help them not to be blaming no one here.u no what happen be for it happen.

Lord I just want to get a long here.I love u with all my heart I thank u for beeping there for me and my grandson and my daughter to.u no your all way welcome in my home day and nite.lord help my nefew Danny in jail let him no everything OK gave him peacelord gave us peace.I no u came for ray he is resting now.Whit he dad.lord gave he wife peace gave he sister and mom and kids t this time ther going thought.lord come be with us in my home.put your holy spirt all over in side my home as well as out side.send your Angeles to be with us put them in front of us put them in bottan of us put them in sides by side and all around us.I pray u take care of all my nose.S all my family out the homeless all around the world gave them some thing to eat and a warm place.

Goodmorning I love my lord and saver.