Help my wife forgive me and take me back

Heavenly Father,

I come before you today, as I have each day since I have accepted Jesus into my life, asking for forgiveness from you and my wife. Lord, I was wrong in prioritizing my family, my wants and needs over what my wife wanted us to pursue together. I did not leave my mother and father and cleave to my wife for us to become one. As a result, my wife left. Lord, I pray that you will hear my cries, that you see my efforts and changes that I am actively working on in this marriage. I ask that you soften Angie’s heart, and tear down the walls in her mind that reconciliation is not possible. I ask that you let her see that the work I am doing to be a better man is not temporary, but forever.

It is your will that marriages are forever and that divorce is not the answer. Lord, Angie will not even speak to me and try to look past at my mistakes and focus on what a better future looks like. I pray to you Lord to help my Angie see that I am not that same person anymore. That I am truly a changed man. A changed man through the strength and love that You have provided in me. My heart’s desire is for me and Angie to return as one and I pray that you work for us. Heal our marriage Lord.

In Jesus’ precious name I pray, Amen.

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