Help my spouse think straight and stop hurting us

by Stefanie B (FL)

My husband is bipolar and lately been acting very mean and hurtful towards me and our kids especially me. I pray for patience and for him to open his eyes to the wrong he is doing I pray that he stops doing hurtful things to me and let his love for us overpower his illness. I understand no one is perfect and I am with him for better or worse and in sickness and in health but the mistreatment does get to me and it really hurts. Pray that he stops emotionally abusing me as well verbal abusing me. Pray that Scott B thinks before he speaks and tries his best to fix his mental state. I need as many prayers as possible. And the evil being whispered to him regarding our marriage from others be ignored and kept away.

In the Lords name I need many prayers for our family of 5 and our marriage.

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