Help my marriage to remain safe with your blessing

by Ams (India)

LORD JESUS help me ,help my husband ,help my marriage to remain safe with your blessing

LORD JESUS i thank you for geting me married to my husband. lord i am waiting to seek your blessing. i got married on 27apr 2009. since then i am waiting for your call, to call me to YOUR HOME.

i want you to bless me , my parents , my husband and my inlaws .for LORD you now the difficulities that i am going through in my married life.and now from 6 months we have been seperated me and my husband are staying in their own parents house..

my husband have been misguided by wrong people who are giving him wrong advise which is effecting my marriage very madly.

i want you to save my marriage from breaking.lord i request you to do a miracle to clear all the misunderstanding between the 2 families that is the girls and boys families.all the bitterness should be wiped off.

please help us husband and wife to lead a happy married life .we want to have a kid. but the boys parents are no allowing the boy to move to another house and stay with his his wife is falling very sick in the inlaws house,because there is an evilspirit that is troubling the wife.the girl and her parents are requesting the boy to stay in another house.but the boys parents are stopping him.

so now the boy is refusing to move to stay with the girl in another house. lord please help to solve this tension. please dont break my marriage. i love my husband and want to be with him.but he is not understand me his wife. he should take his responsibilities.

duties love respect honour feeling share with his wife but he is not. teach him the vows that he SAID at the time of him guide him.

bless us and call us to YOUR HOME to thank you for you please settle all my tensions. please give my parents happiness. they are to worried about me i dont want them to fall sick .

help me to thank you to restore reunite heal intervene reconcile save my marriage from breaking . i believe in you and have faith that nothing wrong should happen to anyone of us.

please dont scare me for i dont know what is the fate of my marriage.

LORD please help me call me to YOUR HOME for your blessing with my husband my parents and my inlaws. make every body happy .solve my tension. please dont make me suffer so much. i cant take the pain any more. i am in tears LORD IN JESUS NAME I PRAY …please help me