Help my lost love, Father God

I pray that my wife returns to me reformed of all her difficulties by you dear God and that she is given the comfort by You that I will fulfill her needs. Please open her heart and I pray that she honors the vows she took the day we kneeled in front of your holy alter.

I pray that all the distractions of this modern day exit her mind and that she leaves a life of adultery. I pray that she recognizes that I and our children need her more than anything now. Please talk to her in her dreams and tell her she will be comforted by You and to have faith in You that she will be happy. I pray that she will forgive all the hurt and indifferences that made her cold and that You once again rebuild her love for me and the desire to be a family. Please let her feel Your presence and Your strength so there is no doubt in her mind that she wants to commit whole heartedly.

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