Help my husband luis pinto lo e me for i m wife

(Detroit mi )

Gotta ask you that I am his wife and then he comes back looking sexy in the oven I love you and I really want my I want my husband back my life I need Rent-A-Center player please love me love me as his wife never cheat on me again. Please stop my husband from cheating with girl please stop, please.

The only woman for me but that’s where we are as one better than me I beg of you God Adrian Lewis after 1 a.m. like like we first met please God I love my husband I might have it Greek god blind his eyes so he doesn’t cheat on me please God let me see now look let me have my eyesight back and clear please God I beg of you for them so they can stopmake that gurl go away from my husband let him loce only me god plz let him trust me in onlt me plz god

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